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The Q-App is Here!

The “Qualfon Qapp Mobile Application” is now live and available to download from the App Store and Google Play! Use your Qualfon credentials to log in.



Google Play:


The Qapp is not searchable in the App Store, iPhone users, please utilize the link below.

App Store:

Our Mission

Qualfon’s Mission Office supports all levels of the organization. It encourages constant reflection about the company’s mission and purpose, and helps identify specific ways in which the Company's mission can be lived out. The Mission Office provides all Mission Leaders with the tools to empower them to facilitate the company’s mission throughout all areas of management.

The Mission Office provides programs structured around five different pillars: internal communication (Communication@Work), values formation and education (Learn@Work and Qualfon Education), attention and care of employees (Care@Work), dedication to the communities where Qualfon operates (Give@Work), and Qualfon fun clubs (Fun@Work).


Each of these pillars also focuses on caring for the body, mind and spirit, and is directed to the following areas of action: the employees, their families and the community, prioritized in that order.


The Mission Office’s work is fundamental for Qualfon’s identity as a consecrated company that strives to be faithful to its mission in addition to pursuing business achievements. By making the most of business opportunities and growth, Qualfon is able to fulfill its mission which, in turn, helps Qualfon become a better business.

Code of Ethics

We believe that the Code of Ethics is a critical component of Qualfon’s culture, and we encourage all employees to review and familiarize themselves with the Code of Ethics.

Mission Programs

The five specific tracks of the Mission Office are internal communications, education and formation of values, caring initiatives for our employees, opportunities to give and support our communities and Fun in the work place.  Each site has a Mission Office coordinator who works together with ManCom for the local implementation of these initiatives. 

Communication@Work  - Promotes an environment where you are encouraged and have the opportunity to share in the company´s mission, and understand the organization’s values, plans and goals.

Care@Work - Promotes an environment where employees trust and support each other in a caring family manner.

Learn@Work - Promotes an environment where you are developed to explore and apply your full vocation. All this is done in a non-discriminatory and non-threatening way.

Give@Work - Promotes an environment where employees are involved beyond their daily work duties required of them, and actively participate in supporting the needs of communities. 

Fun@Work - Transform Qualfon into an environment full of opportunities of share common hobbies and interests, learn and have fun. 

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